special welding services:

Repair of Dies & Molds: A revolutionary way to rebuild or overlay the desired part. During regular use of Dies & Molds in manufacturing process accidents happen, which may develop scratch or blunt the edges. Wear & tear also causes abrasion & in-turn may need a repair of parting line. Due to changes in specifications, a need to build a section arise. Radiant offers these services through our high speed laser welding machine.

Weld Repair of Bearing Area: Continuous running of shaft in a metallic bush or seal area creates abrasion & causes reduction in diameter of expensive shaft. These shafts usually rotates at a very high speed therefore are not permitted to usual weld repair. Laser welding repair of shaft & then machining it to desired dimensions is a proven process. Laser welding offers overlay of desired material without development of internal stress. We at Radiant offers rebuilding of shaft bearing area using Laser welding process.

Latest Services:

Welding of speciallised metals : Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Platinum, SS410, SS31L, P 20, H 13, Stavex, D2, Aluminum, Berelium copper etc.

Ultrathin sheet welding of metals as low as 0.1mm.

Micro Welding : Higher deposition using Micro-Tig process keeping minimal heat input to base metal, protecting grain structure & chemical properties.

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