Laser Welding Services

Our high speed German Laser Welding machine from "Alpha Laser Gmbh" and pioneered concepts of quick repairs helps customers to get techno-economical solutions. Laser Welding offers numerous advantages, like:

-Precise welding of intricate and small areas -No work piece deformation -Negligible heat affected zone -Porosity-free weld seam -No pre-heating necessary -High strength -Mirror polish, chemical etching and electroplating possible on the repaired areas -No damage to original Grain structure

These services are offered for wide range of metals including H-13, P-20, Stavex, NAK80, Aluminum, SS 410, SS 304, SS 316L, Titanium, Cobalt and others. Other special metals can be technically matched as per customer’s specifications. For more details, please go through Gallery.

Undoubtedly you would also like to be benefited by our LASER WELDING services.

We are very keen to hear your problems of repairing your precious moulds & dies. Please feel free to contact us by Phone / Email and we shall discuss how we can solve your problem. Please contact us at

Alpha Laser Welding Services

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