Die & Mould coating :

1.Die Coating:

-Hard tungsten carbide coating up to 100 micrometer increases die life -Delays formation of heat checks & thus extends die life -Improves wear and heat resistance -Protects dies and prevents Aluminium Soldering to dies -Maintains hardness at high operating temperature -Improves product quality by providing excellent release property, liquid flow and gas release -Reduces consumption of Release agents

2.Mould Coating:

Nanomoldcoating has been scientifically formulated with the use of nanotechnology to create a semi-permanent barrier on the surface of a mold which is only 100 nanometers in thickness and which facilitates extraordinary plastic or rubber part release. Nanomoldcoating is the ideal choice for plastics and rubber processors, it increases production output, while reducing costs associated with manual part removal, costly mold release agents, part scrap, slow cycle times, and repetitive mold maintenance due to sticking problems

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